Neurapas Balance

We all know that stress is a natural part of life, but when it becomes a consistent part of our daily lives, it can be a major problem. In today’s fast-paced society, stress impacts everyone, of all ages, from all walks of like and can cause physical and psychological health concerns. Neurapas Balance contains Passionflower, Valarian root and St Johns Wort that work synergistically to promote a balanced mood in spite of our daily worries.  It supports both GABA production as well as Serotonin, and has no addictive potential, works virtually instantly and has no hang-over effect. It just promotes a healthy balanced mood.


Passionflower is a herbal remedy known to help sleep disturbances as it is working to relax both the body and mind allowing improved sleep quantity and quality.  

Additionally, it has a long history of clinical use in treating other mental health concerns such as anxiety, worry and restlessness. It has been well studied and is incredibly safe and very effective, has no hang-over effect and is not addictive or habit-forming.  It simply assists in promoting calm and improved sleep.

Special pricing on these two products for the month of February 2020

Upcoming Event: I will also be presenting at the Windthorst Library on Thursday, February 27th. I will discuss Anxiety and Depression: Causes and Treatments from a Naturopathic Perspective.  If you are interested please contact Jill at or 306-736-7689 by Monday, February 24th.